In 1688-9 there followed the Great Siege when the Protestant Defenders shut the gates (and declared for William of Orange) against the Catholic James II. Enduring many hardships the siege was lifted in August 1689, an event which is commemorated each year by the Apprentice boys of Derry.

During the two centuries that followed the city became a hub of industry especially in the linen industry, and the expanding dock area, from where linen shirts were exported all over the world.

Although many of these factories such as Tillie and Hendersons (mentioned in writings by Karl Mark) (2 mins from the Iona) have disappeared or been converted, there are still some to be seen.

During the 20th century Derry saw some momentous history. Amelia Earheart made her historic solo Atlantic flight landing here and during World War II Derry was the first port of call for the Atlantic Convoy from America along with the many G.Iís who came in preparation for D-Day. It was in fact to Derry that the German U-Boat fleet surrendered in 1945.

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