Londonderry/Derry is, however, probably best known for “the Troubles” from 1969 which are dated from the Apprentice boy’s commemoration march in August of that year.

During this period numerous events took place such as Free Derry corner (10 mins walk from the Iona), or the Battle of the Bogside (10 mins walk) later in January of 1972 this area became the scene of Bloody Sunday when 14 civilians were shot and killed by the Parachute Regiment. There are, but to name a few, incidents in what was a bleak time in the city’s history.

Today since the ceasefire Derry has become a vibrant city, coming to terms with its links to the past. Nightlife is a buzz word and everything from folk sessions, traditional bars, restaurants and modern clubs can be found throughout the city centre (8 mins walk)

Furthermore with its scenic setting on the banks of the Foyle Derry is a must see on your visit to Ireland, either North or South.

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